• Cedrus Investments Cayman Islands Open • 03-09 April 2011 • Grand Cayman •

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"The Cayman Open is run by CINSA (Cayman Islands National Squash Association)


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#2: Up and Away over Camana Bay

Ramy Ashour and photo wizard Steve Line had the privilege of being taken into the skies over Camana Bay, courtesy of Cayman Islands Helicopters and Guy Harvey.

Enjoy the views ...


Hennings escapes by a whisker

"That's the closest anyone's come to being killed while watching squash that I've seen," Dan Kneipp told the crowd at the end of a really entertaining match between Ramy Ashour and Cayman's own Myron Blair.

It was towards the end of the third game when Ramy attempted a backwall boast, got is spectacularly wrong and sent the ball at great speed towards the crowd. Down it came off the roof, and straight into the lap of club stalwart Mark Hennings, who was blissfully unaware of the oncoming missile as he was busy texting at the time.

Huge apologies from Ramy, gasps and laughter from the crowd. Ramy claimed it was deliberate because he'd seen Mark texting and wanted him to pay attention, and that if he'd really meant it he wouldn't have missed!

Mark was unconcerned, settled everyone down with a "Cool, man," and continued with his texting ...

It was a great match though, Ramy showing off all his tricks and Myron playing "the best I've ever seen him play" from one seasoned observer, and joining in the fun with trick shots of his own - not always successfully, a Myron corkscrew fell too short and was slammed into the nick by Ramy.

In the final few points Myron decided he needed a new racket, borrowed Ramy's and promptly floated the Egyptian's serve into the opposite front corner nick ... touché !!!

"The best exhibition match I've seen," declared Steve Line of SquashPics. Of course it wasn't meant to be an exhibition, but as Myron said afterwards, "no-one gave us the script ..."

It's the Dreads, Man ...

You spend years cultivating your hairstyle, everyone at home thinks you're the coolest dude around, and then you come to the Caribbean to discover that your dreadlocks pale into insignificance compared to the locals ...

That's the fate that befell Alister Walker when he met Gavin Cumberbatch. Ali took it all with good grace, but I bet he secretly wishes that Gavin was in his half of the draw ...



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