Kids Day

• Forexx Dutch Open Squash • 02 to 07 Sep 2008 • Amsterdam •

KIDS DAY - Wed 3rd Sep

Kids Day Photo Gallery

During the Forexx Dutch Open there will be a special kids event on Wednesday the
3rd of September, with coaching clinics, matches, a tournament and other exciting activities.

It doesn’t matter if you only just started playing squash or if you are already a good player
- this will definitely be a fantastic day for all the kids!

And ... it’s free entrance for everybody!

This event will start at 13.30 and will be finished around 16.30.

Of course
the kids can watch the pro-matches as well.

The first session of the pro matches will start at 13.00 and the second session starts at 18.00.

For more info about this event, or to enter the event, please email Next Events: info@nextevents.n

Kids Day

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