El Gouna International Squash Open  02-10 April 2015  El Gouna, Egypt



If a few things didn't go as planned at our arrival - but then again, it very rarely does at the start of a tournament - at least, there are things that do work, and that make us officials, media, players, feel AWFULLY GOOD.

Like Moods.

Moods is a splendid place, at the far end of the Marina, seconds from the glass court. It's not only a bar, a restaurant opened all day/all night, but also a superb beach, lovely view upon the sea on one side, and the marina on the other.

Stunning place.

Every year, Moods is El Gouna International Sponsor. It means that we can come here, and eat delicious food, twice a day, with the breakfast at the hotel.

One thing that needs to be stressed, I used to lose about 2, 3kg every time I could come to Egypt, but now I eat at Moods, I don't... The food is far too good, and far too safe!!!!

What makes the place, is not only the situation of the restaurant, perfect as I mentionned, but the people that work there. Ziad, head waiter, his boss and their team, are just so nice, so efficient, so professional. They even remembered what I take for lunch. A year later.

That's service for you. And that makes our life so easy, so simple. And when you work as we do, for hours on end, day after day after day - as we have only 1 court to work on - it makes all the difference.

So, Steve and myself, speaking in the name of us all in the El Gouna Tournament, we truly and utterly thank  you.

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