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Thu 24th May 2012, Day One:

Swiss fall in Sekisui Qualifying

It was not a good day for the Swiss as they all lost in qualification except Cedric Kuchen, who won his all-Swiss match against Yannick Lindemann. 

They all fought hard, but the professionals were too strong today. So Cedric will try to get a fifth Swiss player into the main draw as he takes on Jerome Dadot tomorrow.

Qualifying Round One:

Antoine CamillePetrucci (Fra) bt Fabian Furger (Sui)        11-3 11-6 11-9
Karamatullah Khan (Pak) bt Pascal Bruhin (Sui)               11-9 11-4 11-6

Cedric Kuchen (Sui) bt Yannick Lindemann (Sui)               11-4 11-6 11-5
Jerome Dadot (Fra) bt Mario Tschopp (Sui)                      11-8 11-2 11-5

David Haley (Wal) bt Benjamin Fischer (Sui)                  11-9 12-10 11-4
Carsten Schoor (Ger) bt Joel Siewerdt (Sui)                    11-7 11-1 11-5

James Simpson (Eng) bt Dominik Penkov (Sui)  6-11 12-10 11-3 5-11 11-9
Michael Harris (Eng) bt Remo Handl (Sui)                          11-8 11-7 11-6

Iím very happy to win my match today. Courts are very hot and the adaptation was a little difficult. I hope that tomorrow I will play like today.

I played not bad, especially for my first PSA tournament ever. Unfortunately I was not that ready mentally because of the organisation of the tournament and my exams. But it was a good experience and Iím looking forward to further events to play.

Iím happy to be in Switzerland for the second time in a month. The tournament is well organised and I thank everybody fort the good atmosphere. I had a good match today and I hope I will win my second match to be in the main draw.

It was my first PSA match so I was a bit nervous. I am happy though, it was a great experience. Now Iím looking forward to my next PSA event.

I wasnít happy with the way I played today. He dominated the T-position all over the match and I wasnít able to come out of defending. Itís hard to play a friend who youíre on court with every day. I wish him good luck for his upcoming matches.

I had to play against my friend today. We are everyday on court together, so we know each other very well. I am happy to win in three games. Now I am looking forward to my next match.

After the PSA office called me at 12am saying that they have a withdrawal from my mate Norman Junge and that there is a place available, I got into my car and drove the 400km to Kriens.

Arrived here to play Joel from Switzerland. I played quite well and could play my game. But still sometimes on these hot courts Joel could get me under pressure and didnít make my match that easy.

David was too good for me today. It feels good to be back home and done with final exams for the year though, looking forward to some hard work over the summer.

Really pleased to win that one, especially 3-0. I was quite nervous going into the match as Iíd heard he was a good player. But I played well and didnít make too many mistakes. Looking forward to tomorrow nowÖ

Bouncy & hot courts. The ball jumps and jumps. It was a nice and friendly match.

I am happy to will in 3. But I know tomorrow gonna be hard.

Happy to come through 3-0 on a very hot bouncy court. Got a bit lucky in each game! He is a young player though, fearless he went for his shots, always difficult to play!

Iím happy how I played today. As long as I could, I stayed in to hold on his level. I used my options to attack and played my shots. Sometimes with a bit of luck though. At the end I had no energy left.

Pilatus Club trainer Pascal Bruin warms up with Petrucci


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