Sekisui Open Squash 2012 to to 2020  

Squash and Tokyo for 2020
As a Japanese company, title sponsor Sekisui naturally backs the Squash for 2020 bid, and also hopes that Tokyo gets the nod as the host city.

What do the players think ???

Having the chance to compete in the Olympics is the dream of every sportsman ... So it's mine!


If squash would be Olympic, a dream comes true and it would build a great future for the best sport in the world.


Squash being in the Olympics would mean the world to me and it would be an honour to be an Olympian ...


If squash would be in the Olympics I think it would motivate me to extend my career as a pro so I could play as much as possible. It is such an honour to be part of the Olympics.


If squash was in the Olympics it would be the biggest tournament in the calendar


Well, squash in the Olympics would be amazing. It would be a great big step for the sport and would bring the game to a new level.

It's such a great sport and for this sport not being an Olympic discipline is such a shame!!


Squash getting into the Olympics would mean a great deal to me, as it would to everyone who plays, or spectates, both professionally, or recreationally.

It would be a huge step for the sport, increasing the publicity and help to grow the sport even more


I think squash should be on the Olympics because we've got all what we need - Players, Venues, TV- and it is played on the 5 continents! It's not only about the Olympics, it's everything it includes, more sponsors, players, tournaments etc.

If we work together with confidence, we will see the result soon. SO, WHY NOT?? SQUASH 2020!! VAMOS!!!


The Olympic games is a dream for every single squash player.

We have been close to getting into the games but failed. Now it is time. The game deserves it, and so does its players.

Back the bid, I do!


To make the Olympics much more interesting ... Squash in it !!!


If squash would become an Olympic discipline it would be a big dream coming true.

Playing the Games is a dream for every single athlete, even more in squash because we are waiting for this event for now 12 years.

It would be an achievement in my squash career to take part to the Olympics. It's a goal, a dream that we all have to share and fight for.

Hoping playing there, cordially

I think that the Olympic games at Tokyo could be very good for the squash. New technologies could be used for the athletes, the audience and the public. Squash will develop and will become more popular.

I could maybe participate at this event but I must work again and again to be in the French team.

I hope that the Olympic games will be in 2020 for the squash and especially in Tokyo because it is such a high tech town.

Being in the Olympics is the biggest thing in sport.

As a Squash Fanatic it would mean a lot to me.

It means a lot to get into the Olympic games as I love squash and want squash to develop to a very well known sport.

It will be great to watch the Olympic squash and share the excitement around it.

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