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23 May 2014 - Quarters

[1] Ali Anwar Reda 3-1 Nathan Lake          9-11 11-9 11-4 11-9 (67m)
[4] Jens Schoor 3-0 [8] Reiko Peter          8-11 11-4 3-2 retired (24m)
[3] Andrew Wagih 3-0 [5] Aqeel Rehman           11-8 11-6 11-8 (27m)
[2] Mohd Abouelghar v [Q] Patrick Miescher     11-6 11-6 11-7 (29m)

Today both remaining swiss players lost. Patrick Miescher against a young and very talented Mohamed Abouelghar. The Egyptian went for many shots as always and hardly missed them anytime.

Reiko Peter had to retire as his injury from last week let him suffer again against Jens Schoor. Now we are looking forward to one all Egyptian semi-final and in the other one Jens Schoors tries to get into a Kriens final back to back after his win last week at the Inno Wood Open.

Ali Anwar Reda:
Nathan is a good player. I played him 2 weeks ago and beat him 3/2 so today I knew what to expect from him and I am really happy to win.
Nathan Lake:
Fairly pleased with the performance but never happy to loose, felt I was a bit up and down in terms of my squash but that was also partly down to my opponent. He made less errors than the last time we played and was solid at the key points.

Jens Schoor:
I am happy to be in the semis, but not with the way I got there. Unfortunately Reiko who played really well in the first game got injured in the middle of the second game and had to give up in the third. I hope the injury isn't too bad and he will recover quickly from that. All the best to Reiko.
At the same time I am looking forward to the semis tomorrow. I haven't played Ali Anwar ever before and I am looking forward to it.

Andrew Wagih:
I think I played better than yesterday, and hopefully I can keep it up for tomorrow.

Mohamed Abouelghar:
Patrick is such a good player. He has some nice shots and hard to read unless you find a rythm, happy
to be in the semis against another egyptian.
Patrick Miescher:
Mohamed is a really talented player and I like the way he plays the game. He had great shots the entire match through and also if i lo in 3 I really enyjoyed the match.
Overall I am very happy with my tournament and want to thank once more everybody who set up this great event!

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