Cayman Open  05-10 May 2009 Grand Cayman



2010 Event

Cayman XTRAS ... #2
Surviving the Caribbean

If you're going into the sea, remember to take your phone out of your pocket first ... doh!

#2: If you open the fridge and see a birthday cake in there, don't ask the person whose birthday it is "what's that cake doing in there?"

#3: Remember which handle is the throttle ...

#4: Watch out for those pesky stingrays ...

All Set for 2010
Dan Kneipp proudly unveils next year's event

"We have spoken a lot about the dream of hosting the 2010 event on a glass court, and how the 2010 tournament will be the vehicle that allows us to offer free squash to Cayman Juniors.

"We are extremely pleased to announce that Camana Bay has confirmed that they'll not only be a Major Sponsor for the 2010 event, but also the Site Sponsor.

"We'll place a 4-sided glass court with tiered seating at Camana Bay's Crescent, on the water's edge surrounded by palm trees. There will be a lot more details on this, but we are ecstatic to partner with Camana Bay to make this event possible.

Tuned in to Cayman

What a surprise, when the first qualifying match opened with player walk-ons to their National Anthem, a rousing mini-profile, and loud, loud, music ...  and it's continued for every match since - "I've been to World Open Finals with less buildup than this!", quipped one spectator ...

The music is certainly rousing, although some of the track choices raised an eyebrow or two ... here's a selection
  • Isabelle Stoehr - bad as a bone

  • Nicol David - whine up

  • Natalie Grainger - born in the USA (well, almost)

  • Natalie Grinham - the final countdown

  • Anna-Carin Forstadius - dancing queen

  • Jaclyn Hawkes - the haka (fantastic!)

  • ...

JSL Hall of Fame - 'squash scholarships' for ...

David Lee
(Leading Edge)

Day Two Clinics

Candace Charles
(New Horizons)

Clint Pompey (Prospect Primary)
Cayman XTRAS ... #1
Yes, Minister

The 2009 Cayman Open got under way with the Minister of Sport, Mr Alden McLaughlin, presenting $10,000 of squash equipment donated by Dunlop to the JSM - Junior Squash for Life - programme.

The minister doesn't play squash, but has been active in many sports throughout his life, and was impressed with the stature of the event and the opportunities it provides for the junior programme.

In attendance were pupils from two local schools who grabbed handfuls of rackets, bags, balls and grips for for the photoshoot (they're only allowed to take on racket each home though!), who were then taken onto court for clinics with some of the Caribbean's top players - Karen Meakins, Gavin Cumberbatch, Shawn Simpson and Steve Smith.

These clinics will continue each day of the tournament, meaning a whole lot of kids will be exposed to the upper echelons of the game, and hopefully have a great time too ...

"It's wonderful to see a world class event like this here in Cayman, it's huge for us, and a great chance for these kids to experience squash with some of the Caribbean and world's best players.

"We've been focusing on upgrading facilities to make Cayman a destination for international sports events, we just had an international beach volleyball competition, our football facilities are good we're looking to host at least a regional event.

"In the four years since Hurricane Ivan we've rebuilt virtually all the government-owned sports facilities and helped many of the private clubs, spending around $25m US.

"That this squash tournament has attracted the world's best players and such international attention

Minister for Sports (among other things)

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