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• 13th Qatar Classic Squash Championship  • 08-15 Oct 2013 • Doha •  




Everything you never knew you needed to know about the Qatar Classic
Issue #4

On your marks, ready....?

OK, Steve and myself have done a little race this morning.

We left exactly at the same time from the lovely Movenpick – which by the way is now blinking red lights at night instead of the blue we had when we arrive, nearly got lost!!! – but me, in a comfy car, my bag in the boot, and him, his turtle bag on his back, and on foot.

Nobody said it was a fair race.

Reason being that thanks to the World Cup coming up soon, Doha is reshaping their roads infrastructure from top to bottom. Which means that at this point in time, you never know which road to take to go from A to B, as it changes daily, without notice.

So, at night, when we come back, no trouble. But in the day time, BIIIIIG problem. It takes up to 4 times the normal journey time to get anywhere.

And Mr Cubs just makes himself noticed, as ever, by walking every day – and back – to the venue, ignoring the pleas of Ahmed, our coordinator for transport, who is trying to push him to use a car!!!

Anyway, race was on. Trouble was, there was some official convoy that pasted right in front of our car. Meaning, 10mn wait at the traffic light, plus gridlock of course afterwards. Nice. Whatever road we were taking, completely stuck, and going nowhere fast. I thought I lost the bleeping race.

But my driver, bless him, as we arrived in front of the venue, instead of going the whole round way, as it’s usually done, found a nice shortcut that “might have not been extremely within the rules of driving”.

Sue me.  I won the race.

Rematch tomorrow, demands Steve…

Nick’s honour is saved…

We at SquashSite have got a scoop for you, and we are glad to report that Nick’s career as a coach has taken a turn for the best, as he FINALLY got a win in the person of Tom Richards.

Pfffew, on respire…. “I needed a win desperately” might have said Nick at the end of the match Tom/Wan but it’s only hearsay, and we cannot confirm it for sure….

More info later…
Shabana Who????

And a little one to finish. Just to show how the Mighty do it.

Godfather Shabana is world famous for his honesty. He just doesn’t take double bounce or down shots. And he proved it again today against Saurav twice.

First time, 4/3 in the 4th, he goes for a trickle boast, and the ball is a winner. Saurav questions it, and the refs decision is let, they are not sure. Saurav is happy with that, he goes to serve the let, and Shabana just goes to him and get him to go on the other side. He just conceded the point.

Yeah you say, easy, 4/3, not much there. Well you Philistines, he did it again on match ball. Ah Ha! “Ca vous la coupe hein”? What do you say to that…?

Still, best moment of the day for him was surely when the lady reporter from a Qatari Channel went and interview him right after his match, insisting of talking to him right away.

Fine, no trouble... And as she is about to go on air, she go in Arabic, "so, what's your name then"....

That puts you back right down on the ground, doesn't it...
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