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ē World Junior Squash Championships 2009  ē 29 Jul - 08 Aug ē Chennai ē  

Fram chats to the World Junior ChampionÖ.

Best sporting moment?

My favourite sporting moment is when Federer won his 4th Wimbledon and then cried, I thought that showed how great he is.

I think I was nearly crying when I saw him talking and crying.

And the worst?

My worst is when Zidane got a red card in the last match of his career at the final of the world cup.

If you hadnít been a squash player, what profession would have embraced?

I think I would have been a tennis player. No, Fram, not because of the money, but I just like tennis a lotÖ and I watch a lot of tennis.

So I think I would have been a tennis player...

After winning the title last year in Zurich, Egypt's Mohamed El Shorbagy has risen to world number 17, and after the decision to hold the event annually, has an unexpected opportunity to defend the title ...

Mohamed, just tell me how you feel right nowÖ

Iím fine Fram, and everything is fine. Iím just training for the World Juniors, itís so soon now, Iím going to Chennai this Saturday and hopefully, I can do well and win.

Would you have ever thought you would defend a World Title?
To be honest, I didnít expect myself to be defending a title as big as the World JuniorsÖ I have been lucky throughout my career... and this time around I am too.

Itís the first time they are having the individuals every year, so Iím lucky to be playing it. I put in a lot of hard work and effort last year for the WJ, and I guess even more this year, because defending a title takes much more effort. The pressure will be all on me, everyone wants to win this title so badly so itís going to be very tough.

There are pros and cons being the top seed, but I have learnt a lot about how to deal with pressure over the years and hopefully I can perform well.

Inshallah, Mohamed. But would you like to change anything in your game?

No, I donít think so. My game has worked for me till now and I donít think I would change anything in particular. Iím 18, I still have a a lot more to learn about the game, and Iím learning something new everyday.

And anything you like in particular in your game?

Over the years with Jonah, Iíve learnt to adapt to different styles of games, and at the senior level you have to be able to adapt to any gameÖ and I have worked a lot about it with JonahÖ I change my game when necessary so I think thatís what's good in my game.

Your best squash memory?

Of course, the WJ last year!!! Itís always been a dream and this title will always be very special to me. I still remember when I won and my mum came on court and hugged me and cried. That was the most emotional moment I had in my life.

And I was so happy to have my father and my mum supporting me there and sharing that moment with me. They did a lot for me and they are still doing a lot for me in my life, and without them I wouldnít have done anything of what I have done.

Your parents are special, arenít theyÖ

I remember last year in Switzerland, I was so nervous and I called my dad and my mum, and told them ďI am so nervous, I need you to be with meĒ. The day after, they flew all the way from Dubai to Switzerland for me, the minute they knew that, once again, I needed them to support me. Without them with me last year, I wasnít going to win the tournament.

What do you expect from this tournament, Mohamed?

This title means a lot to me, and Iím going to do everything I need to win this title. Last year during the finals I went on court and Aamir Atlas had more pressure than me. This year, itís going to be the other way around, Iím the one whoíll have the whole pressure of the tournamentÖ

Itís going to be big if I can defend my title this year. But you know what? Iím just going to let my racquet do the talkingÖ

Shorbagy in Shape

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